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Are my photographies silver photogaphies?
Traditional silver photographies and your photographies have a similar finishing. However, in comparison of silver editions your photographies are more respectful of the environment. We implemented a unique know how to allow you to benefit of a photography of traditional quality, without the harmful effects of a silver edition.

How to order the same picture in a different size or color?
In shopping basket page, where you chose the size, click the bottom button "see again the galerie". Add new picture to basket and click on "see the basket". Back on this page, a second line of the desired picture has appeared. You just have to asign to it a colour and a size.

How can I send my photographies to my relatives?
There are two very easy means to share one's instants with one's relatives. You can either offer them editions by capturing their contact details on the page "send the address of your choice". Or you can also communicate them your photo code, or through the section "share these instants". In this case the person will be responsible for the payment of the order

How can I delete the photogrtaphies of the Istany website?
The Istany private policy imposes all non purchased photographies to be removed one month after the photographies have been receipt by Istany. However if you choose to delete the photographies before, or all other saved photographies, feel free to complete the form and note:
- your "photo code"
- your personnal identifying (only if you are already registered to the Istany service)
We will delete all the photographies of the corresponding series, of the mentioned photo code. Then, you will not be able to order the photographies of this series anymore.

May I get a appointment with a photographer?
You wish to make new photos in the place of your choice, you only have to send us an email through the contact form, mentioning your phone number fix or mobile and your preferred location. A photographer will contact you for a shooting.
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